Planet - Soundbed



Everything is oscillation or better said , all existence is rhythm. 

Oscillations suggest themselves mutually. Every body is displaced from sounds in oscillations which are on his own oscillation model. 

That is valid however not only in the field of the physical bodies but particularly also to include completely for the field of the psychological experience in that we vigour, oscillations and atmospheres for which we are prone.

Our body, however, also our soul includes allied oscillations and tunes itself into the sounds of the environment.

Near the moon-planetary-soundbed for example we swing open the moontone and let the vigour, the oscillation of the moontone perform on us.

The same one is valid for all other Planet-Sounbeds.

By the building up the sound we can activate upon fields in us, that were maybe up to now latently ,but however not available. Every oscillation produces a resonance in our body, but also in our soul.

Is our soul therefore in the imbalance, it can be based on this resonance and it can be cured.

This is basicaly one of every real cure anyway.

With the soundbed we tread a possible way up to a harmonious curing in the intellectual sense.



The Planet - Soundbed
Every soundbed is an individual part and is created for every order and customer especially by hand. 

The soundbed represented in this picture is a moon-soundbed.

The form of the soundbed allows an optimal resonance.

The body consists of ash tree and maple, the resonancefaces, therefore the upper - and the bottom from spruce and the feet are from maple.

The finish of the woods are with linseed oil handled. As dust cover a leash bag which is dyed in the planetary tint with plant colors is supplied.

MOON soundbed





The application of the planetary-soundbed can occur on different manner. On the one hand the patient can be handled during the single therapy on the waiting time. The therapist is under the waiting time and strikes the instrument. The sounds penetrate the body.
On the other hand the soundbed if required can be employed to the group processing. That is, the waiting time is set up and the therapist lets affect the convened group the sound. The patients are in the environment of the waiting time on the ground (best a timber flooring of the oscillations characterizes well transmits) and take so also the oscillation was.


Nevertheless, if you have interest, you get in touch yourself with me.

Maybe for a first moontone - sound massage to feel this sound experience at the own body.

You can make of course also with one of the planetary -soundbed. 

I come then to you and show you how you can work with the planetary -soundbed.

If you want to have an impression of the SoundBed you can either : 

order a CD here,


soundprobe here .







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